10 American Films You Shouldn’t Let Your Kids Watch, Especially No. 9

10 American Films You Shouldn't Let Your Kids Watch, Especially No. 9

10 American Films You Shouldn’t Let Your Kids See, Especially No. 9

Video, cartoons, and screen plays are all part of what keeps kids alive, satisfies their restlessness, and keeps them engaged at home and in school.

However, it has been proven that giving children the opportunity to watch a movie scene might impact their psychological reasoning and way of thinking. Parents, guardians, and teachers must ensure that vulgular, pornographic, and frightening content is not placed or watched within children’s reach, as this can have a long-term impact on their lives. In addition, the children’s social lives and the persons with whom they associate should be extensively scrutinized.

In this post, we will present a list of films that you should never let your children to see in order to protect their mental health and psychological well-being now and in the future.


Spartacus is an American film that contains numerous sexual scenes. It is presented in episodes and contains frightening, gruesome, and graphic stuff that should not be seen by your children.

Even adults are sometimes terrified and emotional when they watch this film, which impacts them in one way or another for a period of time.

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The film is both frightening and repulsive since it follows an enraged scientist who is accused of snatching people and transforming them into monsters of his choosing.

It stars Justin Long and Michael Parks and contains horrific murder, horror, and mildly frightening content that should be kept away from children because it will harm them.

Blue Valentine

This is an American romance film directed by award-winning actor Derek Cianfrance and features After it was released, Michelle Williams and Ryan Goslings faced a lot of flak.

It includes distressing, depressing, and traumatic situations that will have a long-term impact on the health of youngsters. It should not be viewed among children, let alone watched by them wherever they are.

Under The Skin

Since the plot is primarily around seduction and stripping naked, you should keep your children away from this film. Avoid allowing your children to witness it since they may want to practice it.

The Little Hours

The film is a mash-up of comedic elements and sexual exploration. It tells the story of a group of nuns who are experimenting with their sexuality. Allowing your children to watch it will send the wrong message to them.

Rattle Snake

This is an American film about crime, mystery, snake bite, and spiritual attachment that was released in October of 2019 and produced by Zak Hilditch.

It tells the story of a young girl who was bitten by a snake and who, despite numerous medical interventions, refuses to heal. It’s intimidating, especially at night, and it might hurt your children if they have access to it.


Patty Jenkins directed the film, which was released in 2003. There is a crime scene, an alien, sexual content, and a murder scene in the story. Children should avoid seeing this type of film because it will allow them to practice such skills either at school or at home.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

The film contains a mix of sensual, romantic, and comedic elements. Because it depicts pornography, it has received a lot of critical feedback.

Pirates Stagnettis

It is a movie full of sex scenes and nudity from the beginning to the finish, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

This type of film should never be encouraged in children since it will have a bad impact on them now and in the future.


Mandy is a horror film directed by Panos cosmatos and shot in the United States and Canada.

The film features horror, gruesome scenes, and a mix of terrifying, distressing, and emotional situations that are not appropriate for children to see.


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