10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Look Like Cartoon Characters.

10 Nigerian Celebrities Who Look Like Cartoon Characters.

Celebrities and cartoon doppelgängers— Which celebrities come to mind when you look at certain cartoon characters? Brag.life has prepared a list of ten celebrities who look like cartoon characters.


Tiwa Savage and Princess Jasmine

Tiwa and Jasmine both have attractive personalities.


Davido and Turtle Ninja

You don’t have to wonder who Davido would dress up as if he were a superhero.

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Mercy Johnson and Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona from Shrek is one of my favorite characters. Mercy Johnson comes to mind when I think of her bravery. They are both very strong women, despite the fact that they look like sisters. Mercy Johnson is a force to be reckoned with.


Zlatan and Otto Rocket

Zlatan was able to find his animated picture, Otto Rocket, among the ten celebrities.


Niniola and Moana

Moana’s companion must be Niniola. Apart from their physical resemblance, they can both sing and are full of life.


Bobrisky and Snow White

Bobrisky becomes snow white, not because he bleaches, but because they both have the same appearance.


Genevieve and Pocahontas

Pocahontas reminds you of Genevieve, doesn’t she? Both appear to be amazing.


Tonto Dikeh and Tinker Bell

Sincerely, the letters “T” in Tonto and Tinker Bell are coincidences. Do you have a magic wand, Tonto?


Asa and Dinkle

Asa’s partner is Mary Daisy Dinkle. Gosh! They appear to have been great buddies for a long time!


Denrele and Alex

Denrele, the ever-eccentric lion in Madagascar, finds his closest friend in Alex, the hyper-active lion. We couldn’t be wrong about either of them.

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