10 Reasons Why Nigerian Women Prefer Dating Married Men, No. 7 Is A Fact

10 Reasons Why Nigerian Women Prefer Dating Married Men, No. 7 Is A Fact

No. 7 Is A Fact Among 10 Reasons Why Nigerian Women Prefer Dating Married Men

There appears to be a sizable number of women who wish to spend their lives with considerably older guys. The May-December romance is a word coined to describe this type of relationship. Although it may sound romantic, some people still look down on couples with substantial age gaps. This occurs because they are unaware of the fascinating reasons why women are drawn to silver foxes.

Now, let’s go over at least ten compelling reasons why this occurs. And we’ll tell you all about them right now.

They Provide A Feeling Of Security

Security was addressed by a few women in their remarks, and we can’t ignore it. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of requirements, security is one of our most basic needs. And what can help women feel safe and at ease in their daily lives?

To be financially secure, you must have money and other assets. You require a trustworthy partner with whom you can spend your life. You also need to know where you’re going in life. Older males appear to be better at providing all of these things and making us feel safe.

They Don’t Seek Out Drama

Women, let’s face it, are very emotional beings. They have a tendency to exaggerate and act without thinking. That is why it is critical for them to have males who can make them stop and take a breath. And it appears that older males are more likely to possess this ability.


We believe people simply aren’t looking for drama or confrontation any longer. They would rather not argue about little issues. Even if there is a problem, they can sit down and speak it out like adults, coming up with a solution that benefits everyone.

They’re Charismatic.

Married men and older guys have a distinct charm that appeals to women. First and foremost, it can be seen in their appearance: noble creases around their eyes, salt and pepper hair, and even small stubble on some of them. They also have their own style of presentation, and women admire the way they act, laugh, and behave. Because they don’t normally follow fashion trends as closely as college-aged lads, they stand out thanks to their distinct sense of style.

They Know How To Treat Women

Women appear to value all of the relationship experience that older males may have. And it’s no surprise, given that they’ve had ample opportunity to hone their talents in properly treating women.


They have a slight advantage since they understand what causes love to fail or succeed. They are aware of what ladies’ requirements are and what makes them happy. They know how to avoid (or at least attempt to prevent) the problems they’ve already encountered. And this makes things a lot easier in the relationship.

They Have No Problem With Helping Women Around The House

Women definitely require assistance with home responsibilities, and it appears that older males have fewer biases in this regard. Many women on Reddit have stated that their older significant others never asserted that domestic responsibilities were solely a woman’s responsibility. Some guys, for example, wash their own clothes or clean the dishes after meals. Of course, this does not imply that they must do it all of the time, but they can assist when needed.

They Are Partners

Patience, care, trust, and sometimes independence are more important than anything else in mature love. Youth, on the other hand, are noted for their “all-or-nothing” mentality, emotional storms, and standing ground. There is hope for the relationship to endure if at least one person is intelligent enough to take a back seat, or at the very least, to initiate the discussion of difficulties.


That is why women value guys who can be partners rather than those who seek to make the world revolve around them. Women do not require being taught what to do or even being “permitted” to do something. The most important thing is to be on an equal footing.

They Are More Financially Stable

The majority of women aspire to be financially comfortable. Because when you establish a family, you must ensure that your partner has enough money and assets to sustain you and your children. And this is where older males usually have the upper hand.

In comparison to older males, a typical Joe in his late twenties has fewer assets and savings. Younger men must continue to improve themselves and their jobs. They’re looking for ways to get money, and they don’t care about family in the first place.

They Know What They Want

Another beneficial feature that some women emphasize is that older men have less chaos in their lives, which suggests that they are more stable. They know what they want, how to achieve it, and how important it is to them. That is why they rarely squander other people’s time by playing games. As a result, they have no reservations about approaching anyone who can provide assistance or advise.

They Know Stuff

We’ve all heard that as people become older, they gain wisdom. However, there is a caveat to this saying: “but aging sometimes arrives alone.” Oscar Wilde appears to have been mistaken, as studies show that older men are more brilliant than younger men. And it’s probable that their broader life experience is to blame.

This is supported by women. They believe that older guys have had a wealth of life experiences that have taught them valuable lessons. This is evident in their conversations.

They Are More Mature

As is well known, women mature at a faster rate than men. That is why younger men, who are still at an age where they want to try new things and travel before committing to a long-term relationship, are not the perfect partners for them.

Women who are ready for deeper commitments and families may find older males more reliable and appealing. Because these men are more likely to have outgrown their wildness and are looking to settle down.


Do you find married or older men attractive as a woman? Would you allow your sister or girlfriend to date a married or older man if you were a man?

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