4 Popular People Who Hide Their Faces And Why They Do It.

4 Popular People Who Hide Their Faces And Why They Do It.

Celebrities that cover their faces in public.



One thing that all superstars who disguise their faces have in common is that their anonymity boosts their popularity. Their supporters will always be curious about them and hope that they will eventually reveal their true identities.

Sia is an award-winning Australian singer and songwriter who is noted for wearing a black and white wig over her face and not appearing in her music videos.

When questioned why she hides her face, she explained that she prefers to live a solitary life free of the attention that her music brings


Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is an American professional wrestler who is notable for always donning a mask throughout his matches.

He wears a mask to hide his identity as a lucahdor. A luchador is a wrestler who competes in “Lucha libre,” an old Mexican wrestling contest. While fighting, the lunchadors (fighters) wear masks. He also wears a mask to keep his professional and personal lives apart.


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Lagbaja is a legendary Afrobeat singer and instrumentalist from Nigeria. One of his distinguishing characteristics is that he conceals his face by donning masks that match his attire.

He stated in one of his interviews that he would continue to wear his mask because the poor are ignored in society.



DJ Marshmello

Marshmello is a professional American disc jockey who is best known for wearing a cylindrical helmet that resembles a marshmallow snack to cover his face.

He claims he hides his face because he does not want his celebrity to interfere with his personal life.


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