A 35-year-old Man Who Married A 70-Year-Old White Woman Said, “I Paid Her Bride Price.”

A 35-year-old Man Who Married A 70-Year-Old White Woman Said, "I Paid Her Bride Price."

A 35-year-old Kenyan man has confessed that he paid the bride price for a white woman twice. In an interview with a local publication, Bernard Musyoki, who married Deborah, the 70 years old white woman, asserted that his love was genuine and revealed that he paid Ksh100 as her wedding price.

Musyoki said that they met on Facebook in 2017 and that he planned to visit her in the United States in 2018, but that he was denied a visa to visit her.

He stated,

After a week, I sent her a friend request and asked her to marry me, which she accepted. Inbox, we even exchanged vows. “

They continued in touch, and the woman decided to visit Kenya on December 29, 2020, to meet her prince charming.

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Deborah’s parents died many years ago, and Musyoki had to negotiate a dowry payment with her and her children.

He explained:

“They stated they simply wanted Ksh100 and urged me to carry it to church as an offering, and she said it was my dowry.”

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Musyoki also said that Deborah’s children are his age, yet they get along well. They welcomed him and encouraged their relationship, he added, after their mother informed them she had found love again.

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