CCTV Footage Reveals That Lady Who Died At Obi Cubana’s Club Was Was Not Electrocuted

CCTV Footage Reveals That Lady Who Died At Obi Cubana’s Club Was Was Not Electrocuted

CCTV Footage Shows That The Lady Who Died At Obi Cubana’s Club Was Not Electrocuted

ENEWS On November 27, 2021, by Bella Ogechukwu 0

A user known as @AaesAae used the popular microblogging site Twitter to spread the word. “A young girl who went to Hustle and Bustle last night was electrocuted,” she added. So depressing!”

However, according to the CCTV footage that has surfaced online, the deceased lady was not electrocuted as has been stated, but rather fell and collapsed.

The unidentified woman, who appeared to be inebriated in the video, is seen fleeing after a friend of his brushed her off when she touched him; it is clear that she was not pushed, as she fell to the ground.

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See some comments the video generated below;

vivianrichgirl; `Something else killed the girl not the push and not the fall.. Maybe she’s high on drugs


chinweonoh; `The guy didn’t push her. He shrugged her off. She tripped in her drunken state and fell. The guy can’t be held responsible at all. Your caption is misleading


jasuyi24; `It’s not possible for somebody to touch an electrocuted person, not until d power supply has been tripped off. Dats to say she was not electrocuted .


mizsomevents;`Wow..what sort of push is that…I think what killed her is drug abuse or alcohol because clearly,I think the guy is her boyfriend,she was trying to hold on to the guy but he rejected her…


ciaobians; `But it’s obvious the lady wasn’t electrocuted as speculated, she fell and slumped, maybe she was had health issues and wasn’t supposed to drink, she fell off and died. If it was electrocution the guy that went to her rescue wouldn’t have been abt to touch her or he would have been electrocuted as well. An autopsy should be done pls


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