How To Make Your Website/Blog Get Approved by Google Adsense, Tips, Tricks and Solutions 2021.

How To Make Your Website/Blog Get Approved by Google Adsense, Tips, Tricks and Solutions 2021.

Check out these Google Adsense approval tips, Tricks, and solutions.

Google Adsense; How to make your website/Blog get Approved by Google Adsense, Tips, Tricks and Solutions.

Many individuals have been tagging me on social media and sending messages to my inbox, requesting that I teach them the tips, tactics, and solutions for getting their site/blog approved by Google Adsense.

If you’ve been having problems with Google AdSense approval, this article is for you. Please take the time to read the tips, tricks, and solutions I’ll provide in this article, and you’ll thank me later.

Many people have had difficulty getting Google Adsense approval; are you one of those who has applied for Google Adsense and waited one to two weeks for their response, and when they finally send their feedback to your email, your mind is split 50/50 on whether your website/blog is approved or rejected? Then don’t worry since I’ve decided to disclose the tips, tactics, and solution for getting your website or blog approved by Google AdSense.

We are aware of some of the reasons why your site/blog may be rejected by Google Adsense, however the most aggravating aspect is that adsense has sent you a message as feedback, writing “Thank you for your interest in Adsense.” Our experts determined that your site/blog does not satisfy our program’s criteria after examining your application. As a result, we are unable to accept you into our program.” This Google Adsense feedback is the most vexing and aggravating feedback I’ve ever received because they don’t specify exactly what has to be fixed on your site or blog.

But, many people have been saying THEMES and TRAFFIC matters a lot before Google Adsense approves your website/blog, so check it out to see if THEMES and TRAFFIC are important before Adsense approves your site., click here.

Let’s speak about some of the reasons why your site can be denied by Google AdSense before we get into the tips, tricks, and solutions for getting your site approved. The following are some of the reasons:

Ø Low Quality Content

Ø Copy and Paste Content

Ø Site is too slow in terms of loading

Ø Website/Blog Navigation is not user friendly on mobile and desktop

Ø Website/Blog content is too small to read

Ø Finding 18+ Content on your Website/Blog

Ø Chosing many Niche in one site

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Now, what are some of the Adsense Approval Tips, Tricks, and Solutions?

Now, let’s talk about the tips and tricks first; talking about the tips and tricks, getting your site approved by Google Adsense is both simple and tricking at the same time. What niche are you into? Please leave a comment below, because this post will be updated to add more light to it; now, let me use an Education Niche as an example. Your focus is all about education, but you may branch out and post about bitcoin, news, finance, and technology in one place.

Keep in mind that Google Adsense does not permit numerous niches.



1. Choose a lucrative specialty, such as education, technology, finance, health, relationship advice, and so on, excluding the downloading niche.

2. Put all of your prior content in the trash at least 10-15 original content in each category.

² Make sure to have this important pages in your site

1. Contact Us

2. About Us

3. Privacy Policy

4. Disclaimer

5. Sitemap

² Make sure your site Navigation is user friendly on mobile also on desktop

² Use Gtmatrix to check your site speed and appearance.

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