List of Community Websites and Forums to Get Massive Traffic to Your Website 2022.

List of Community Websites and Forums to Get Massive Traffic to Your Website 2021.

Check out some of the Most Popular Websites, Communities and forums where you can get massive traffic to Your Blog or Website in 2022.

List of Communities and Forums to Get Massive Traffic into my Website/Blog.

My website/blog has been approved by Google Adsense or I need a lot of traffic before my site can be approved by Google Adsense. These are some of the situations some bloggers out there are facing right now.

Why is there so little traffic when others have massive amounts of traffic?

While others are even finding it difficult to get Google Adsense approval. If you are among them, kindly read this article to know the tips, tricks, and solutions to get Adsense approval. click here.

Well, today in this article I will be discussing the ways to go about it and also list some of the communities and forums where you can get massive traffic. I will be mentioning some of these communities and forums randomly, and I believe you guys already know some of them.

Please take note that the ones I will mention here are the top-rated communities and forums you can get traffic from. The following are a list of communities and forums to help you get a lot of traffic to your website/blog:

u Phoenix Browser => Community 100M+

u Opera News Hub => Community 100M+

u Scooper News => Community 10m+

u Quora => Community 100M+

u Nairaland Forum => Community 3M+

u Wapforum

Now, Let’s have a look at all of the communities and forums mentioned above and have a little discussion about them.


 That’s my favorite browser, Phoenix Browser is a fast, safe web browser for your Android device, featuring a local news feed and FREE movie resources. … Fast Browsing and Downloads: Access websites, download multiple files (videos, audio, documents, and more) with the speed of light and it has a 100M+ installer. Click here to apply for Phoenix Browser

5K Store


Opera Mini is one of the popular mobile browsers in Kenya and most developing countries. The browser gained popularity because of its data saving . Click here to apply for Opera News Hub


Personalized News Feed: Scooper picks trending and breaking news for you, elaborately. It customizes your favourites according to your choices and interests. Click to apply on Scooper News


 Quora is a question and answer website where people go to find information. Every piece of content on the site is generated by users..


 Nairaland is a Nigerian English-language internet forum. Founded by Nigerian entrepreneur Seun Osewa on March 8, 2005, it is targeted primarily at Nigerian domestic residents and is the 6th most visited website in Nigeria.


 Wapforum is a Nigeria Online Public Forum, Where People Meet To Discuss and Gain Experience In All Aspects.

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