Mistakes Waec Candidates Make During Waec Result Checking and How to Avoid Them

Mistakes Waec Candidates Make During Waec Result Checking and How to Avoid Them

I’ve observed a lot of incidents where candidates hand out their pin and exam number to persons who can help them check their waec results on their phones.

This post has been distributed to discourage the unnecessary sharing of examination numbers. It’s easy to check your WASSCE score.

Until you try it out, you don’t need a phone to browse. Were you perplexed as to how? Don’t be concerned.

We’ll talk about anything connected to checking the results here, but we might not include yours. Simply use our comment box to ask any questions you may have.

At the Cyber Cafe, you can check your WAEC results.

Whether you are computer literate or not, a cyber café may supply you with this service, as well as printing.

If you know how to use a computer, go to a café that offers internet access and tell them you want to purchase time.

This time is determined on the number of minutes or hours required to check your WAEC result 2021.

If you have a solid network connection, it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

If you buy time, you can obtain 30 minutes and then spend the rest of the time to do anything else on the internet or continue reading well-prepared educational content such as past questions, school news, tutorials, and so on., e.t.c on this page.

To those who don’t know about computers just walk up to the receptionist there, you want to check your waec result. provide her with your examination number, pin, serial number, and year of the exam. 

Reasons you should not reveal your pin & exam number 

Not everyone you see deserves of being optimistic. Some are scammers who have no other job than scamming their fellow human beings.

Consider the below points. 

  1. The pin may be given to another candidate:
  2. Some waec result checkers you believe are just scratch card dealers. 

If you immediately give them your pin and serial number, they’ll sell it to another user, then they’ll tell you somebody’s already using the pin you’ve given them, not knowing they’re the one. 

Not only that, the person you gave could be a candidate who needs this pin to check his/her own. Instead of buying, he/she might use yours. 

Your result will be publicly shared: 

Some tag the exam upgraders themselves. They can share your result publicly as proof of their upgrade. which is not. 

Come to think of it if an examiner sees the post. He might think you did a waec upgrade and he might reduce your grades whereas you did nothing of such. 

We hope you get the message we’ve transmitted, please don’t be the victim. 

Perhaps you were prohibited by your parents from using phones here are people you can call. 

Mistakes made while checking result on WAEC portal 

1. Choosing the wrong year: immediately some click on the submit button, it displays another candidate result to them here is the cause. 

Two candidates might share the same examination but there will surely be different which Is the year of exam. 

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Let’s take for instance my examination number is 46***** and I did my exam in 2021. While checking my result, I selected 2020 as my year of exam. 

Don’t be surprised it might show up another candidate’s result. When checking your result always put the year into consideration. 

2. Exam type:

You will see a drop-down menu on the portal to select the exam you sat for. Because of the name used to tag it, many can’t differentiate. 

We have both school candidates and private candidates in the option. Some might say school candidates are those who did theirs in a government school. 

Likewise, private candidates are for those who registered and sat in a private school for their exams. 

Let me just clarify that. 

The West Africa Examination Council allows two main examinations that we know mostly to be WAEC and GCE. 

JUST IN:- JAMB PORTAL: How To Retrieve Your Jamb Login Details For Any Given Year 2021 Update.

Those who have registered for WAEC May/June are those who have been recognized as a candidate for school as well as those who have participated in GCE are known to be private candidates. 

Please note that, to avoid complaints about your result. 

How many times can I check my WAEC results using phone? 

No limited-time for checking your result. However, your pin can only be used five (5) times. In case it finishes you will have to buy another one to proceed. 

Can I use one PIN to check more than one result? 

You can’t. You are only permitted to use it for one result. 

Always check this page for more updates, I will always update this post to prevent you to be a victim, so react to this post and drop your comment.





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