Politics: 2023! ! Bola Tinubu Is My Elder Brother- Peter Obi Declares – Daily Parrot

The presidential candidate of the labor party on Tuesday, September 20, made a big statement that might come as a shock to the people of Nigeria.

Before now the labor party candidate had said that Bola Tinubu is not healthy, he maintained that many people are only after the APC presidential candidate because of what they were able to get from him.

Recall that Peter Obi was in the news about 7 days good regarding what he said about Bola Tinubu. He claimed to have received a message from a member of Bola Tinubu’ s camp about the health status of the APC chieftain.

The message of Peter Obi reads in part ” Somebody said to me that this candidate fought Abacha regime to stand still. That he even lost everything. I said, but he has two planes now. Where is his company? Once he comes here and gives you money, you will say Jagaban is the best candidate even when the man is not well. That’ s the problem of the country. ”

The statement of the labor party candidate attracted the attention of concerned Nigerian and the group of Bola Tinubu who eventually gave a reply by calling the labor party candidate a liar. The group insisted that the statement of the labor party candidate is baseless. A few days after that, Peter Obi on Tuesday revealed that Bola Tinubu is like his elder brother.

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