Politics: 2023: Stop running after PDP elites, concentrate on youth supporters, Iyere cautions Peter Obi


By Ebunoluwa Sessou

An ardent supporter of Peter Obi and the foremost champion of the struggle for the actualization of Igbo Presidency in 2023, Comrade Kennedy Iyere has cautioned Presidential Candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi to stop running after PDP elites rather, he should concentrate on his youth supporters who are spending their time, energy and resources to champion the victory as the next president of Nigeria.

Iyere who is widely known as youth mobilizer, humanitarian activist and frontline social entrepreneur across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones, the diaspora community and other foreign frontiers said, he is worried about the recent visit of Peter Obi to Governor Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, especially in view of the way and manner the visit was undertaken.

Iyere maintained that Peter Obi should have avail his supporters the reasons behind his visit to Enugu State saying such a visit should be made known to the youths of Nigeria, who in their millions have selflessly borne the costs of launching Peter Obi into his present political fame.

“Today, I am one of the biggest mobilizers of youths for Peter Obi just the same way I had laboured in the past championing the selfless struggle for the actualization of a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction in 2023. This is a cause to which I have dedicated the past three years of my life and to date, I have invested my money in large chunks and also my time, strength, social capital etc. Therefore, I won’t allow anyone’s reckless blunders, to cost us the victory for which the youths of Nigeria have arduously laboured, I won’t tolerate such mistakes from anyone, including Peter Obi himself”, he said.

Iyere affirmed that youths are currently making efforts to move Nigeria away from the old political order where the cabals would handpick, impose and install their own selected candidates. He reiterated that in 2023, youths are determined to reclaim their stolen government from the ruling cabals of APC and PDP, hence they have adopted Peter Obi, as their preferred candidate of choice. He said that over the past four months,  Nigerian youths have passionately and resiliently demonstrated that they have the force and the capacity to positively compel and enforce the political victory of Peter Obi in 2023.

He, therefore, questioned the rationale behind Peter Obi’s apparent alignment with Ugwuanyi, Okwesilieze Nwodo, Nnia Nwodo and other Enugu PDP cabals, buttressing that Obi’s association with these pro-Atiku PDP cabals and others like them, is bound to derail him. Iyere said, it is like using a long spoon to eat with the devil. According to Iyere, these men are never to be trusted and for Peter Obi, ignorance won’t be an excuse. “Peter Obi needs to explain to Nigerian youths, the reason for his  suspicious visit to Ugwuanyi in Enugu and also his close association with Okwesilieze Nwodo, Nnia Nwodo and other key PDP cabals, who are core Atiku’s loyalists “, affirmed Iyere

Iyere advised Nigerian youths to open their eyes and ensure that Peter Obi is protected from the deceptive political schemes of some elites of the APC and PDP, especially political elites from Enugu and other States across the Southeast, who today are on the move to derail Peter Obi. “This is not the time to keep quiet and trust blindly unless we want either the APC or PDP to retain power in 2023.

Nigerian youths control 71 percent of the country’s voting power. And so, Peter Obi should realize he can only become president in 2023 through the dedicated protest votes of young Nigerians who are already tired of the 23 years of the fruitless political leadership of the APC and PDP.  He advised Nigerian youths to stay with Peter Obi, as he still remains the best man for the job at the moment. But Iyere, insists that Peter Obi needs to be careful of franternizing further with PDP elites whose intention is to derail him and cause him to lose the confidence of Nigerian youths, on whom lies his strength. Accordingly to Iyere, these PDP elites are 100% loyal  to Atiku zero percent loyal to Peter Obi.

“Peter Obi must realize that we are the ones spending our own hard-earned money, time and other personal resources to push his political ambition, while those Enugu PDP cabals and others like them are being paid by Atiku to work for him. This is why Peter Obi must be mindful of his alignment with the PDP cabals who are his so-called fake allies”, he said.

Iyere however cautioned Peter Obi of the danger of ignoring his demand for caution vis-a-vis bonding himself with Governor Ugwuanyi, Okwesikieze Nwodo, Nnia Nwodo and other core PDP elites. He said that Okwesilieze Nwodo is a BOT Member of the PDP and also a Deputy Director in Atiku Presidential Campaign Council. According to Iyere, Peter Obi alliance with the Nwodos will certainly favour Atiku.

“Peter Obi should realize that we have chosen to support him because of our common determination to create a new Nigeria and that does not mean we should be taken for granted. Any attempts to further ignore my advice could push me to shift my support elsewhere and I hope he knows the consequences. I am very influential among Nigerian youths and also among the elites. I have the capacity to take away more than half of his youth followers. He should listen to those of us who are his true heroes, else I shall be compelled to shift our loyalty elsewhere”, he added.

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