Politics: 2023: Well Done OBI- Dients- Reno Omokri Finally Gives Peter Obi, OBI- Dients Their Flowers; See How He Praised Them – Daily Parrot

After holding multiple rallies and solidarity marches for Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, OBI- dients have finally gotten their flowers from Reno Omokri as he admitted that the former Anambra state Governor has Successful disrupted politics in Nigeria.

The former Presidential aide is known for antagonizing the former Anambra state Governor and his supporters as he is a Staunch supporter of PDP’ s flagbearer, Atiku Abubakar.

With OBI- dients holding rallies in various states like Lagos, Delta etc in support of Peter Obi, Reno Omokri would admit that the rallies were amazing and a great achievement. According to him, only Politically astute people would try to belittle them.

He wrote via his official Twitter handle, ” The Obidient rallies at Festac and Amuwo were AMAZING. They are great achievements. Anyone who tries to belittle them is not politically astute. While Obi will not win in 2023, he has successfully disrupted politics in Nigeria. Well done Obi! Well done Obidients! #TableShaker. ”

OBI- dients would react to his post with one person writing that, ” He playing politics bruh. He don’ t wanna sound bad so he won’ t devalue his own candidate atiku. Y’ all Should be wise Don’ t trust Reno. “

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