Politics: 5 things that determined Liz Truss’ fate

Liz Truss

Liz Truss resigned as the British Prime Minister on Thursday after spending only 45 days in office.

She made the announcement 24 hours after saying she was a fighter and not a quitter in her response to a question from the opposition Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer.

Truss’ difficult moments came in her last final 24 hours with her economic programme dividing the Conservative Party she headed for just six weeks.

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As the world still battles to recover from Truss’ shocking resignation, this piece delves briefly into five things that contributed to her fate:

  • Liz Truss’ first few days as the UK PM started with the introduction of a costly blueprint to manage the energy household bills, in response to escalating prices due to the Russia-Ukraine war. The plan was eclipsed for 10 days following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The ex-minister of finance, Kwasi Kwarteng, declared a “mini-budget” in September, which gave a comprehensive price of the energy scheme for $67 billion in six months, with the unveiling done but lacking measures to raise funds.
  • Kwarteng also announced massive borrowing and new tax cuts including for top earners in the UK, without tangible measures leading to the Pound falling and the political exasperation the UK cabinet experienced. Two days later, Kwarteng vowed, “more to come on tax cuts.”
  • After criticism and tumult, Liz Truss was forced to take a humiliating U-turn on her proposed cut in the top rate of income tax following speedy late-night talks. Kwasi Kwarteng was later sacked after 36 days in office.
  • The crisis continued for erstwhile PM, as her Home Minister Suella Braverman resigned following a squabble with Truss and chancellor, Jeremy Hunt over immigration, saying that she had “serious concerns” about the government.

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