Politics: Ada Ogbu: The people’s princess

By Amanze Nduka

Princess Ada Ogbu was born to the family of great Eze Nathan Ogbu, Odenigbo 1 of Nara Unateze.

Eze Odenigbo a king of the people whom many populace refer to as “Ndi “Wawa” owing to their rich cultural heritage, was at the forefront of political and economic life in the Old Anambra State and continued to make them proud by being a nationally acknowledged first-class monarch, who ruled with glamour and panache.

Eze Odenigbo was on the throne for forty-five (45) years and the crown has remained in the family for another generation. The above has prompted some of the political associates of Princess Ada to hail her the “High Princess”. Never far from his side, Princess Ada Ogbu was Eze Odenigbo’s closest ally and confidante in his last years and surely gained a lot of wisdom and insight from him.

In fact, her father dubbed her “Ezenwachinelu” because he believed she must be one of God’s favourite children, given the way she overachieved in anything she sets her mind on, clearly exhibited by her incredible achievements in business and political spheres.

The Princess is an ardent Christian and never sets out any day without a litany of Christian worship songs. It is always abundantly evident to those around her that she has a special relationship with God. “By their fruits, you shall know them”, the Bible says, and her fruits are many and obvious.

Many who know her speak of her piety and her dedication to the institutes of Christ and she enjoys close relationships with several eminent leaders in the Church. Princess Ada Ogbu has attended and subsequently graduated from top-class institutions around the world, from studying at the prestigious Malvern College in England to studying Political Science at the world-class University of Pittsburgh, Princess Ada Ogbu boasts of extensive educational background and displayed scholarly aptitude from a young age.

Her former classmate, Ms Camille White, is quoted to have described her as “the youngest graduate in our class at the University of Pittsburgh”. In conjunction with the best-in-class foreign education, she has also studied in Nigeria under great scholars such as the eminent Professors Claude Ake and Julius Ihonvbere. She took her first steps in the enterprise by closely studying the fledging apparel market.

With hard work and determination, she would consequently build her own business from nothing and make it a market leader that dominated the apparel industry for over two decades. Her intelligent, and results-driven approach which made her a titan of the industry, has also given her a proven set of skills in management, human capacity development, and efficient use of resources.

These skills have made her subsequent transition into the world of politics seamless. Many were marvelled by her incredible achievement of setting up the Southeast Zonal Secretariat of her political party. A project that one would expect to cost a fortune and be hampered by delays, Princess Ada Ogbu delivered the secretariat right on schedule and within the budget.

The secretariat stands unarguably as the best and most sophisticated party office in Nigeria. The formidable building prides itself in harbouring features never even dreamed of, courtesy of Princess. However, her political acumen is not limited to her ability to deliver turnkey projects. She has also displayed prodigious political intelligence in her journey thus far.

To the surprise of many observers, she managed to assert control of her party to the chagrin of certain power bases, who had an interest in maintaining the status quo. This has undoubtedly pitted her against those whose only desire is paying mere lip service as the opposition to the government but in actuality are being controlled by external forces.

The Princess stood defiantly against the forces of retrogression that would keep Enugu State dominated by one party and came out triumphant. Enugu APC and indeed Enugu State as a whole will benefit greatly from her crusade for democracy, as Princess Ada Ogbu has vowed to continue to be a strong advocate of social justice and equity for all.

Despite her reputation of being extremely determined and strong-willed, she is very soft-hearted and kind. Her charity and empathy as seen and shown in her immediate community and beyond are justly exemplary. A philanthropist at heart, she tries to give to those in need, especially widows, the indigent and the downtrodden, driven by none else but her love for God and humanity.

Princess Ada Ogbu’s humility is personified and respectful to all who come in contact with her. Despite the lofty heights she has achieved, she does not hesitate to genuflect when greeting her elders. She is disarmingly polite to everyone, rich or poor; young or old. This endears her to so many people she comes in contact with, and her workers enjoy the benefits of her kindness. She is a mother to them and interested in their wellbeing and development. You will easily notice them beaming with smiles whenever you visit, little wonder.

Joyce Daniels, a former employee, tells us that “As an employer, she was always concerned about all her workers. She was always available to give advice and support us even on very personal matters.” The Princess is also spoken of highly by community leaders in her village, Nara Unateze. Chief Jacob Ede said, “I have not seen the likes of Princess in all my life. She is the de facto mother figure in our humble community and immensely loved by all. I pray God will continue to elevate her”. She is truly revered by her community and underneath all that regal beauty lies the heart of a fighter.

An advocate ready to challenge any antagonist standing in the way of a cause she believes in. One should not mistake her seemingly soft and gentle look for weakness. It sits on the surface of a deep pool of willpower and inner strength which comes to the fore in the protection of her people. She is a radical defender of all things and persons “Wawa”. The Warrior Princess is seen anywhere and time she feels her beloved people are getting exploited and short-changed.

When she talks about “her people” you can see the sincere passion in her words and the determination in her eyes. They say that “hell hath no fury” like a woman scorned. In this instance, the People’s Princess is ready like an Avenging Angel to set her people free. Sorry for whoever stands in her way.

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