Politics: Addressing 11 fallacies from Wike’s media chat – Reno Omokri

The Governor of Rivers state, and an esteemed member of our party, Barrister Ezenwo Nyesom Wike addressed the press on current issues within our party, and in the encounter he made some utterances which are fallacious. I believe he did not lie. It may just be a case that, because of the task of running a very successful state, like Rivers, his memory may have failed him. So I have written the below to refresh his memory.

  1. The Peoples Democratic Party Chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, never promised to resign if a Northern Presidential candidate is elected. Rather, he said openly and on video that he would resign IF the PDP asked him to. And since the PDP NEC passed a vote of confidence in him, why should he resign?
  2. The Peoples Democratic Party did not jettison zoning in favour of the North. Zoning was jettisoned in favour of the South. The last PDP President is from the South. By virtue of the party’s Constitution and tradition, the next President should come from the North.
  3. If Wike has evidence that the Peoples Democratic Party Chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, is not a trustworthy character, he should provide such to the police and other law enforcement agencies.
  4. The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential primaries were not flawed. They were transparent and watched live on TV by Nigerians. A winner emerged. Many also did not win. Saraki, Tambuwal, Mohammed, Hayatudeen, Dele Momodu, Anyim, Fayose, Emmanuel, Momodu and others have not complained of any untoward happenings.
  5. If the Peoples Democratic Party Chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, convened any illegal meetings in the house of retired generals, then proof of that should be tendered by the one making the allegations. By the way, who should the PDP Chairman meet? APC members, like someone we know?
  6. Waziri Atiku could not have promised Governor Wike that Senator Ayu would resign, because he has no power to make Senator Ayu (who was largely brought in by Governor Wike) resign.
  7. How can a man who almost single handedly installed the last two PDP chairmen and many members of the NEC call the same party “arrogant”? If an engineer builds a house and calls it ugly, what is he invariably saying about himself?
  8. Wike says Waziri Atiku is surrounding himself with people without much political value, why is he resisting joining the PCC. We need Wike because he obviously has much political value.
  9. The Peoples Democratic Party has a NEC. The NEC can discipline any member according to the Constitution of the party.
  10. Every member of the party is a vital picture, but no member is the big picture.
  11. The PDP Constitution should determine the fate of the Peoples Democratic Party Chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu.

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