Politics: APC Blasts Seyi Makinde, Tells To To Focus On Governing His State Instead Of Helping Wike – Daily Parrot

According to The PUNCH, Governor Seyi Makinde has been ordered by the All Progressives Congress in Oyo State to cease traveling often abroad for political reasons and take up the position of governor for which he was chosen.

The opposition party in the state said that leaving government in favor of traveling to assist Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, regain his standing in the PDP at the national level, was a tremendous disservice to the people of Oyo State.

Makinde, Wike, and other disgruntled PDP governors from the states of Abia, Benue, and Enugu have left the nation on a few times, and the APC’ s publicity secretary in Oyo State, Mr. Olawale Shadare, urged the governor to quit squandering state funds on the PDP’ s issue in a statement on Tuesday.

The APC said that Makinde should either take his duties as governor seriously or resign so that the deputy governor could serve out the last seven months of his four- year tenure.

The statement read that, ” Without adding any significant value to the state since May 2019, Makinde has been wasting the meagre resources available on foreign trips. As if this was not enough, the governor has graduated from embarking on frequent personal business trips abroad to globetrotting with Wike and three others who are dissatisfied with the outcome of the last presidential primary of their party. “

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