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SIR: This year’s national honour awards has stirred serious controversy in the media space as one of the honourees, a musician, Teniola Apata displayed a rather unbecoming attitude to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who deemed it fit to honour her talent and strides in the music industry.

Like many other Nigerian personalities who received the award with humility, Teni received hers with unbridled pride. She wore that garment of pride as she was called upon. Her attitude shows she had already concluded to shun Mr. President when it is her turn to be honoured.

Of course, Teni’s attitude may be justified by the way and manner the current administration is handling matters of governance. She would probably have earned accolades had she rejected the national honour in protest against the spate of insecurity and economic hardship among other pangs and pains hitting Nigerians so hard.

Nothing however can justify Teni’s childish display at the event with her presence. The president deserves respect in all ramifications.

There are differences between governance and personality. President Buhari’s system of government should not be muddled up with his personality as a former head of state, as a sitting president, as an elderly man, as a grandfather, and as an elder statesman. Putting all these into consideration, Teni was wrong to have been disrespectful irrespective of her status.

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She frowned at the president and smiled at the camera. Her resentment was obviously meant to have been captured.

There were great women with high profiles at the event. They all took a bow and shook the president; this doesn’t mean they were happy with the current situation of the country but they gave honour to whom honour is to be given. Why should Teni’s case be different? She is not in any way bigger than other recipients.

The National Honours was instituted by Act No. 5 of 1964 which empowers the president to honour Nigerians and friends of the country with remarkable feats every year and many other entertainers were honoured for distinguishing themselves in the service of the nation and humanity. Among them were the Grammy-award-winning singer, Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy, Fuji musician, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal aka KWAM 1, Innocent Idibia also known as 2Baba, actor and president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas Ejezie, and media personality and entrepreneur, Mo Abudu.

Teni has passed a message to the Presidency which should be taken into consideration. The likes of Teni should not be considered for any national honour. Her attitude is a dishonour to the national honour.

  • Tejumade Bello, Offa Kwara State.

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