Politics: INEC Puts Atiku, Tinubu, Peter Obi, Others In A Tight Corner, Enforces New Law; SEE What INEC Wants – Daily Parrot

The misuse of the regulations governing how politicians can spend their funds, particularly on elections, continues to harm democracy even though money is the lifeblood of politics worldwide.

Because the Nigerian electoral commission has been reluctant or unable to enforce the laws, this misuse is widespread in that nation.

Nigeria eventually reestablished democratic authority through a fast transition program put in place by its last military dictator, Abdulsalami Abubakar, in 1999, after its political history had been disrupted by military coups in the first four decades of its independence.

The most regular general elections have taken place in Nigeria on six occasions since that time. However, almost all of the political parties that took part in these elections as well as their candidates for president, governor, and federal and state legislatures broke the laws governing campaign and election spending.

You Are Not Permitted To Receive Or Solicit For Fund Over 2023 Election- INEC Warns Politicians

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has advised all political parties from requesting funding from other nations as the general elections of 2023 gets closer, according to the Daily Post.

Festus Okoye, the national commissioner for INEC, added that no party is permitted to take donations in an anonymous manner in remarks he made while appearing on Channels TV on Friday.

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