Politics: Jandor is desperate, says Lagos APC Daily Parrot

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State yesterday described the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Jandor Jide Adediran, as a desperate politician.

The ruling party lamented that Adediran and his deputy, Funke Akindele, have graduated from playing politics with human lives to blatantly encouraging breakdown of law and order.

Lagos APC Publicity Secretary Seye Oladejo said their visit to citizens who paid the price for violating state traffic laws, compensating, inducing and encouraging them is an act that is totally unacceptable in any decent society.

He said: “The move of Jandor amounts to turning compassion and charity on its head.

It was pathetic that he simply interpreted the loss of his hosts to having their means of livelihood taken away from them when in  fact, people have lost their lives to accidents as a result of driving against traffic.

“However, we are not surprised by the promotion of lawlessness by the opposition party, as it remains consistent with their desperation as we count down to the next elections.

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“Their role in the spread of COVID-19 with the promotion and sponsorship  of needless mass gatherings- ENDSARS- during pandemic and the social events hosted by his deputy, Funke Akindele, are pointers to the lawlessness of the duo and their party.

We expect Funke to be eternally grateful to the state governor for receiving less than a slap on her wrist for a life threatening crime against the state.

“There’s no doubt that good governance can only thrive where law and order prevail.

We recommend the recent honest admission of the former national deputy chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Bode George, that the opposition party has no hope of winning elections in the Southwest to the political neophytes so that they can put their desperation in check.

“They may wish to note that Lagosians are not fooled by their constantly playing to the gallery because they have nothing to offer.

Our government has the political will and duty to uphold the state laws at all times without succumbing to needless blackmail in the name of irresponsible politicking.”

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