Politics: Senate President urges issue-based campaigns in election season

Lawan, Senate, Education

.Lawan, Senate, Education

By Henry Umoru, ABUJA

AHEAD of next year’s general and Presidential elections, the President of the Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan has called on all political actors to focus on issue-based campaigns in their electioneering season.

Lawan spoke yesterday in Abuja while declaring open a “High-level forum on political communications and issue-based campaign in the 2023 general elections.”

The forum was also attended by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila was organised by the National Institute For Legislative and Democratic Studies(NILDS) in partnership with The Kukah Centre.

The President of the Senate said,  “I wish to passionately implore all stakeholders to be conscious of their messaging and focus on an issue-based campaign that shuns violence and hate speech.

“As the most populous black nation and the largest democracy in Africa, the burden is on us to deliver credible and peaceful elections.

Lawan noted that many had pointed out the extreme and prejudicial dimensions that political conversations had assumed in the last few weeks, “Rather than emphasise discussion on policy positions to address many of the social and economic challenges we face, we are engaged in frivolous, illogical and sensational exchanges.

“For the first time since 1999, our campaigns have moved from substantive issues to inconsequential and sometimes vile vituperations.

“We have shifted our focus from the core issues of governance to irrelevant and frankly nonsensical attacks on the personalities of the various candidates.

“By so doing, we, the politicians, have once again distracted Nigerians from assessing those who seek political office based on the merit of their positions.

“Inadvertently, we are also exploiting primordial sentiments for political purposes, not minding the danger this poses to our democratic journey.

“I expect this forum to enable us to reflect on the seriousness of governance and the need to make our campaigns more issue-based.

“It is easy to dwell on trivialities and engage in a shouting contest. What should occupy our minds and discussions in the coming weeks and months include tackling insecurity and building on the gains made by the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in this regard.

“Other issues include economic consolidation and diversification, addressing rising unemployment, especially among our youths, lowering inflation and managing diversity.

“Our democracy is hard-earned, and we have a collective responsibility to protect and preserve it.

“We are way past the time for posturing and political subterfuge. The growing political awareness on the part of Nigerian youths who are disenchanted and angry at the ruling class means that we cannot continue with business as usual.

“We in the 9th National Assembly have taken deliberate measures to strengthen our democratic process particularly through the passage of the 2022 Electoral Act which makes numerous innovations aimed at improving transparency and voter confidence.

“We have also ensured that the needed funds are provided to INEC to deliver a hitch-free election. I have personally championed people’s-based lawmaking that responds to the actual need of Nigerians rather than the narrow interests of a few.

“Even on controversial issues and legislative proposals, we have insisted on holding public hearings and ultimately respecting the voice of Nigerians.

“I will consider this Forum successful if, in the end, we can agree on guidelines for political campaigns and a commitment to issue-based campaigns rather than attacking personalities.”

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