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Sheikh Daurawa reveals what late Ummita told him about her killer Chinese boyfriend

A popular Kano-based Islamic cleric, Sheikh Aminu Daurawa, has revealed the detail of a 15-minute telephone call he had with the late Ummakulsum Buhari (Ummita) about her boyfriend a week before her death.

Ms Buhari was stabbed to death in her family house at Janbulo, Kano by her jealous Chinese suitor, Gheng Quanrong.

Revealing the details of his conversation with the deceased, Mr Daurawa said she called him seeking advice on the way forward after her parents rejected her plans to marry the Chinese immigrant.

“I told her ‘your parents are right’. Don’t marry someone with questionable background,” he said.

The cleric, however, set five conditions to fulfil before marrying the foreigner.

“The first condition is to consult immigration service to ascertain whether he is a legal immigrant. Second, make background check on his employment in Nigeria.

“Third, I knew the emir of Kano had turbaned the head of Chinese community in Kano. So ask the leader of the Chinese community whether they know him, the region he came from and what he is doing.

“Forth, the embassy should also be informed that a Chinese is planning to marry a Nigerian. Fifth, I directed her to also inform Hisbah to teach him more about Islam, since you told me he had converted to Islam.

“She further told me his relations in China had approved of the marriage, but her parents had rejected the proposal.

“But I told her if you meets these five conditions, I will convince your parents to allow you marry him,” he said.

Mr Daurawa added that Islam allows interracial marriages, noting that the religion abhors racism.

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