Politics: [Video]: How can Peter Obi who couldn’t fix insecurity in Anambra fix Nigeria – Oshiomole

By Efosa Taiwo

Former Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomole has questioned the capacity of the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi to fix the country’s insecurity issues, stressing that he (Obi) failed woefully to fix that of Anambra State when he was governor.

In a viral video, Oshiomole recounted how Obi’s successor in Anambra, Willie Obiano struggled with insecurity that he inherited from Obi’s administration.

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“Peter Obi couldn’t solve the security problem of Anambra state when he was her governor.” ~ Adam Oshiomhole pic.twitter.com/2Lyp5DZQvx

— TallJohn🌍 (@JohnFanimokun) September 18, 2022

He charged Nigerians to go on popular video blog site, YouTube and find out how Obiano had to start demolishing dens and hideouts of Bakassi boys, Bakassi girls and bandits that besieged Anambra during Obi’s tenure.

His words: “I think for those of you who are SM (social media) warriors there are issues here that you need to speak to. Go to Google, and look at the first six months of Governor Obiano’s administration in Anambra state. What you will find is Governor Obiano using bulldozers to demolish houses of kidnappers and those who were referred to as Bakassi boys or even Bakassi girls. Who was the governor when Bakassi developed in Anambra? And who solved the problem?”

He contemplated the capacity of Obi to fix the insecurity challenge of the whole country as he has been reported to have been vaunting he can, alluding to his lack of courage to fix his own state’s security issues.

“So if a man could not fix a security challenge in his own state which required courage, how can he convince you that he will fix security challenge all over Nigeria? Don’t take it from me, go to YouTube and find out the first six and nine months of Gov. Obiano and then ask Yousef who was his predecessor,” Oshiomole said.

“Ask Google who was Obiano’s predecessor. If it tells you, it is Peter, and so if he has solved the security problems, will Obiano be demolishing, using bulldozers to demolish people’s houses? Houses of kidnappers, Bakassi boys and girls, bandits. So when they say, I I’ll fix Nigeria, did you fix your state?, Oshiomole continued.

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