Politics: What Police Said About Obi Supporters’ Conduct During Their Rally In Lagos – Daily Parrot

Police officers stationed at the Lekki Toll gate in Lagos have complimented the supporters of Labour Party Presidential Candidate Mr. Peter Obi for obeying the court order that prohibited them from gathering at the location for their rally. The order prohibited them from converging at the location.

The officers who were present at the ongoing event expressed how impressed they were with the demeanor and decorum of the people who were participating in it.

” We have been here (Toll gate), keeping vigil, so that Obi supporters would not disobey the Court order, ” said a Senior Police Officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to speak to the press. But I have to admit that what we have witnessed has left us feeling overawed and exhausted.

The folks behaved themselves in a very excellent manner. It is plain to observe that they made way for passing automobiles and pedestrians. They did not place any barriers in the way of traffic. They are not affecting the flow of traffic in any way. We are receiving information from our soldiers stationed in various regions, and those soldiers have praised the ” Ocidents, ” as they are known.

Another senior official in the police department stated, ” We are really taken aback by what we are seeing. ” In all honesty, if the adolescents had chosen to disobey the Court Order, we would have had to ask for reinforcements because we are unable to tackle the enormous throng; however, the organizers of the event did a good job of coordinating everything.

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