Politics: Youths population, an asset to Nigeria —  Raymond Edo


By Fortune Eromosele, ABUJA

Secretary-General of the Nigerian Youth Congress, NYC and Nigerian Youth Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Raymond Edoh, has said that Nigeria’s large youth population, poses a great asset for the nation.

Edoh stated this at a one-day youth and students leader stakeholders reception in honour of Blessing Akinlosotu, the President Nigerian Youth Congress on his appointment as a member National Council on Climate Change, in Abuja.

According to Edoh, “The Youth Population is an asset to a nation. We are the factor of national power that, if rightly utilized, can lead a country to the heights of glory and prosperity.

“Prior to discussing issues related to youth, let us first look at the fabric of our society. In every society, there are people from various social, cultural, and religious backgrounds, classes, ages, and values that they hold. It goes without saying that every individual plays a certain role in society that has certain repercussions both in the present and in the future.

“Every citizen of our country is responsible for strengthening the foundation of our society. As a metaphor, every society is like an array of stunningly beautiful flowers, where each one’s uniqueness makes the whole bouquet come to life. Flowers differ in fragrance, size, and color, but when combined, they make the bouquet more captivating.

“The youth are an integral part of any society, just like flowers, and they have an important role to play. Any society is incomplete without the participation of young blood. As is rightly said, ‘youth is the force, hope, and leaders of tomorrow,’ as they are the face of our community, society, and country at large. Change starts with young people, pushing our government or system to do its job effectively.”

“But we the youth too has got important responsibilities to discharge. We should draw a lesson from the past, remain vigilant in the present, and live with the hope of seeing a brighter future. We the young people have a responsibility to fulfill, which is to remain honest and authentic. We should continue to work for the growth of our society and country.

“We must say no to betraying each other, we should say no to fighting each other, and we should say no to permanent disagreements, even though it is said we disagree to agree. What happens to the time wasted in the disagreement? No accountability for the time, and opportunities wasted as a result of that. Disagreement and fighting each other are the worst that can happen to young people. In it, destinies are taken to an untimely grave, aside from it not being fulfilled.

“We should understand that the sky is too wide for birds to clash while flying. It is not you today, doesn’t mean that tomorrow, it wouldn’t be your turn. We are all one family. The earlier we realize these things, the better for us as an individual and as a nation.”

He added that it is high time the youths use their brain and not allow the elderly ones to use them just as they have persistently done.

He said, “Let us be futuristic in our approaches, creative, strength-oriented, and skillful to effect meaningful change in our society, so we can function as best as possible. We, the young generation can become the backbone of the nation, so that the seeds of sound morals and principles can be sown for our bright future.

“Today, the youth and students leaders’ stakeholders reception in honour of our own, Hon. Blessing A. Akinlosotu, the Member, National Climate Change Council, under the Chief Host of Prof. Dickson Akor, and my humble self, by privilege, welcome you all again to this noble gathering.

“Just as President Buhari said in his independence speech. He assured Nigerian Youths of inclusivity. This promise will only be a mirage if we are not united. The reason for this stakeholders meeting. We are here to talk to our conscience for the betterment of the nation. Please, I wouldn’t want to bother us with too much talk this evening, as I retire to my seat.”

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