POS Operators In Osun State Are Being Warned That Any Form Of Sharp Practice Will Not Be Tolerated.

POS Operators In Osun State Are Being Warned That Any Form Of Sharp Practice Will Not Be Tolerated.

Operators of point-of-sale devices, often known as POS machines, have been warned to be careful of fraudsters who use their account information to commit fraud.

The Osun State Commandant, Emmanuel Ocheja, issued the warning on Monday in Osogbo, while speaking to operatives of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps’ Anti Fraud Unit. He revealed that some fraudulent transactions through the POS had been discovered.

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Any POS operator detected engaged in illegal tactics, according to Ocheja, would face the full force of the law.

He said the Command was still looking into a fraud case and that the account had been tracked to a POS, and that the account had been stopped pending further investigation.

Similarly, Ademola Daramola, the corps’ Head of Anti-Fraud Unit, has urged Osun citizens against participating in Ponzi schemes in order to avoid falling prey to con artists.

Residents should be aware of fake online investments, he warned.

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According to Daramola, some con artists will deceitfully use chemicals to convert plain paper to dollars in front of their victims, and then demand payment for chemicals to convert as many plain papers to dollars as they desire.

While warning citizens to be cautious while dealing with Bitcoin, he also warned that accounts may be hacked and used to deceive innocent people.

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Commandant Ocheja Emmanuel further stated that anyone who commits fraud under the cover of an online business will be arrested and prosecuted by the Corps.


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